I'm pro-choice. The Decision should rest with me entirely.

Congress this year is expected to consider a myriad of anti-abortion bills, including one that ensures that a breathing fetus, even if removed from the womb during abortion, is treated as a human being -- i.e. not killed, tortured, maimed or anything else.

If a bill of this nature is made into law, abortionists will be felons and subject to the death penalty themselves.

But then, so will geneticists, for the process of cloning has an incredibly low success rate - - something to the tune of 1 in 300 cloning attempts are successful. 299 fetuses will die or be grossly malformed, and geneticists will be mass murderers, and cloning research will relocate to lands more tolerant of fetal endangerment. But in the US, geneticists will be prohibited from cloning humans because of the fetal protection laws. This is a good thing. Is it good enough to sacrifice the Decision?

Meanwhile, fast at work mapping the human genome, it will not be long before the 'gay' gene is discovered, at least from the scientific perspective. Forget for a moment that we will never be able to prove homosexuality is entirely genetic, as the clinical trials to do so would require imprisonment of humans from birth to puberty, isolation totally and completely from external stimuli - and we know that is not possible, or humane, or accurate (contact with nurturers will be an external stimulus the scientific community will not be able to factor down to zero). So, but when the scientific community shouts Eureka at the discovery of the gay gene, the right extremists will immediately cry victory, mandate fetal testing, legalize and FUND eugenics, AND legitimize abortions.

Can the anti-abortionists keep pace with genetic research, so perfectly that once the bills are passed into law forcing the fetus to be considered a human being, that very same moment our mad scientist Jake screams Eureka?

Gays will be allowed to be born and will be protected by all the laws respecting human life.

And the Republicans will rejoice!