the sleeping giant awakes

Voyueristic Intentions

My Yummy Wallpaper!

My Fantasy

at least one for each finger...


Get off yer ass and do something about it!

Ponder THIS..

leave your marque..

At a glance I am...

Chris, Female, INTP, Single, Cynical, White, Atheist, 40, Strong, Petite, Astute, Reclusive, Homogamous, Barefoot, Lesbian, Legal, Insomniac, Tired, Out, Aquarius, Broke, Mad and needing to get laid.

I'm an American into gay rights, but it's not my career. I'm an educated mendicant, I'm well-connected, I have a poetic license, and I'm fluent at Dvorak. For a long time I thought the end of the world would be Bill Gates' fault. Now I believe it will be George W. Bush's fault. Noise is my rage button, sound is my soothe button. My first love was a dictionary. My last love was a bad joke. I do karaoke sober, and have been guilty of Socratic irony. I fantasize alot, PBS keeps me grounded.

I support space exploration and protest genetic research. I just designed, built and installed a black iron water coil in my fireplace and connected it to my water system, for all my winter hot water needs. I'm now working on a grease car and home generator. I line my ceilings with DonnaKaran advertisements; I roll my own cigarettes & grow my own vegetables. I have a penchant for jerk chicken, buttermilk, tomato-and-onion sandwiches, blackened grouper, and I once found solace painting window panes during a heavy rainstorm. My survival item of choice is a cast iron skillet. The rest you can figure out here.

OK.... but for the sake of argument,
follow me, if you will....


Cost of the War in Iraq
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