What the hell was that?

What do they say? Time heals all wounds?
Isn't there a better phrase we can concoct
That expresses how time reveals all truths?
Add "Love Stinks," and guess tonight's poetic stock.

I suppose I should employ some grace
for a three-month period not too long ago
that granted me the bliss of a different face
but was yet another to learn to outgrow.

Locked in history forever now, only,
for the truth of the matter has come to light
that I was a pawn in her skilled manipulation
for self-aggrandizing accommodation.

How in the world did innocence and naivety
catapult itself through the wonderous adventures
of the purest love, and wind its way around
the darker sides of ourselves to here?

It's over and done, and nobody won,
and it's so far gone now that I don't
even want to bother looking for the answer.
What a waste of energy.