Who Would Be Who

There once was a girl not too long ago
Who spotted someone, not your average Jo.
"Let me be that," she mused to herself,
"So I can escape these tasks of an elf."
And so it became, She and I made it so.

Into a world this woman, she jumped.
Immediately as one, we humped and we bumped.
It didn't stop there,
Every second we shared.
Into each other our souls were clumped.

Our displays in public dared show all
How happily we had taken the fall.
But once inside,
The displays did hide.
Not to each other did we ever bawl.

I was convinced it would be this way
Forever and ever, you could say.
But according to her
The roar was a purr,
Which began waining 6 months prior to the day.

This is the point where one could ponder
"Who is the mumpsimus here, I wonder?"
The sharing of light
had turned to fright
And off she went to way back yonder.

Right up until the very last breath
I thought her words had such depth
Was I the one destined
To persist in this nothing,
Or was she just hiding with a stealth

It's long since been over in my mind
Longer for her than in me, I find
She ran so fast
To bury this past
And to this day I still wander blind.

There were no signs to warn me
That she was taking her leave
From what one has compared
To the Holocaust (such Flair!)
But I still believe she loves me.

That's how duped I was.
I've got to get over this, because
It's been two months now
And I still wonder how
She could tell me she loves me when I'm the cause.

But how can I think she really cares
Except by her own words she dares
To speak at me to my face
While turning to hide the grimace
"A Mistake this was," even says her hair.

"I envied what I saw from afar,
And longed to be all that and more.
Now I know that I can't
So why should I bother to rant
When I can just as easily head for the door?"

Maybe this distraction on the page
Will awaken inside my inner sage
So I can forget the last two years
Without shedding a few more tears.
On with my life, let me enjoy the age.