Time for Something New

Over two years
since I wrote something here,
I'm disappointed
What did you wanted?
Maybe this will make you sneer.

Deep in my soul
There's nothing so bold
To find my soapbox
And rail against whatnots;
Nothing here but just a hole.

Maybe I can complain
about the weather in vain
or obnoxious crowds
oh, I'm not proud
But mingling with them is insane.

So tight I did clutch
this space that's not much,
but others within
needed the din
And she took her hutch.

Back to the previous state
Where first we found this fate
suddenly she ran
back into the clan
Before she grew to hate.

Who would she hate, you ask?
Me of course, no masks.
I take my charge
and declare not to barge
Into together, our past.

So this is the work
of myself the jerk
for believing the words
that now taste like turds
So off to the 'net I will lurk.

Nothing else to say
but maybe another day
the mind will be sharp
and shrill as a harp
To compose the poet's way.