Everyday is Christmas Day

Everyday is like Christmas Day
No matter what you want to say.
The dogs still bark
from daylight to dark,
Peace on Earth doesn't come my way.

Silent Night, Holy Night
Must have a re-write;
it's so ludicrous to hope
for a night without dope
to make the noise go outtasight.

This crisp, wintry morning
whilst I was peacefully snoring
was brutally brought alive
at a quarter to five
and now I'm pacing the flooring.

The Twelve Days at hand
with 12 dogs in the land
are no sooner here
any day of the year,
Famously known as Arthur's Band.

What could be worse,
riding in a hearse?
Supine and at peace
Sounds dreamy, but geesh.....
Living like this is a curse.