Howling at....what?

I wrote a letter to Mr. Pye
To warn him that his dog will die
if steps aren't taken
to keep me from waking
everytime a leaf blows by.

He is old and used to it
or maybe doesn't give a shit
but three houses away
I hear that dog beigh
and wonder how Mr. Pye takes it.

The dog I hear is still very young
6 years old but what a tongue.
He thinks he's supreme
or so it would seem
or maybe his life is so humdrum.

Shut him up now on your own volition
or else perhaps you'll give me permission
to slip him some nibbles
not your ordinary kibbles
So he can't make his own decisions.

A valium or other pill
anything to make him chill
on that noisy post--
Does he see a ghost?
Else I'll be forced to kill.