on black holes and motivation II

Well they say McVeigh can stay
But as you know the scandal today
is again something trivial
Is Bill really into denial?
Of course he is, and he may.

Saddam tempts with sardonic feathers
Teasing at Bill, "dare thee come hither?"
Germany shocks with condemnation
"Bill is finished, leave your nation."
Others just ride it like the weather.

Industries slide a point or two
fearful of what this will do
to the economy of faith
to believe what they say
If it's proven not to be true.

Lewinsky stepped into the light
and offered her tales for the right
not to be charged with
carrying the death scythe
And swinging it throughout the night.

Former Bush said, "read my lips"
While a candidate in the grips
of slanderous games
on the road to fame
Yet taxes went up even on tips.

Kennedy poked and prodded a few
At least one, and Marilyn, too.
But we turned our heads
and had nary a dread
About the work that he would do.

How can you dare
to even compare
the Nixon tapes
with humongous gapes
as show of his dispair.

Buzzing up there now
are plots that might somehow
keep Clinton in his job
without involving the mob
So they can defeat him with a plow.

Gore is playing silent
but you know he's gotta resent
suspected games of the right
to take Bill out overnight
Or does he want his own cabinet?

France is standing tall
and loudly yells, "the gall!"
of the public flashes
of Bill's private dashes
taking place down the hall.

Israel too has shown support
to balance this here people's court
by painting big signs
to wake up the blind
that Bill's time isn't short.

New reports will soon reveal
that Tripp wanted more than a casual deal.
She started to write
in Kitty's own light
the affairs on Capital Hill.

She first made some tapes
without Monica's faith
which as you know
is a "no-no"
in Maryland, the taping state.

She slithered to Starr
and said, "Looky here!"
and asked for protection
to attempt duplication
To get ol' Bill outta thar!

Now the winds blow black
into the bitch's back
stirring up what all she did
and she cannot keep it hid
This Tripp is totally whack.