on black holes and motivation

There was a president named Clinton
Alleged to have done some hittin'
on women, secrets secure
But Clinton's allure
Has conservatives all a'flinchin'

Their first and main reason
to tarnish his season
is merely because
he's not without flaws
So they just keep on sqeezin'

Jennifer Flowers, a pretty name
the first pitch in this ballgame
he put it to rest
and then came the test
to endure more of the same

Paula Jones with her nose
and her hairdresser's prose
have taken a bite
for conservative spite
to topple the man, I suppose.

Her case, flimsy and weak
Apologies she first did seek
from American Spectator
and the great potentator
but by then it was a big old leak.

Now she wants a ton of dough
cuz the Republicans' fund ran low
But in her own voice
She met him by choice
So tell me where's the devastating blow?

Monica Lewinsky, the ace up their sleeve
An affair with Clinton she'll have you believe
But a liar from birth
She said it first
This is just more of their political sleeze

They knew each other and exchanged some smiles
A republican saw this and his mind whirled miles
He pulled her aside
She took the bribe
And now her story's on tape for the files.

It's fake through and through
Clinton she did not screw
and on the bench
she needn't flinch
because her words will be true

Someone told her to concoct this mess
and include instructions she must not confess
Starr was tipped off
probably during golf
And even Queen Reno did acquiesce

Now the hot word is Impeachment
Clinton has done well as president
So what if he's prone
to occassionally bone
At least he's not another Nixon.