There once was a woman named Oprah
whose dedicated fans sit on a sofa
Then she says, on TV
"no more beef for me!"
Now they treat her like Jimmy Hoffa.

Come to the cattleman's state
So we can determine your fate.
How dare you even opine
about our herds of bovine!
Apologize now, it's not too late.

The brothers on the jury
Promise not to show fury
When they ponder the verdict
Whether your comment was too strict
But *something* made customers scurry.

We're setting the precedent
That you no longer can vent
your desires or choices
through public voices;
Trampling our first amendment.

And when all is silenced by the law
who's allowed to point out the flaw
That it could be bad for your health?
But that undermines someone's wealth,
Better practice locking your jaw.