A LiMSric

There once was a company named Microsoft
Whose owner built it with his head aloft.
He's made his way into your shampoo
and bought the rights to the christmas poo
Don't that just make your dick go soft?

This man his name was simply Bill
An average student, not much will
until came the day
he suddenly got his way
and now he's out for the kill.

On your desk, even in your car
nowadays you can't go very far
without his logo in your eyes.
Be careful now of your favorite prize
cuz he'll stuff it into his personal jar.

MS Toilet paper, soaps and mops
Wipe your ass clean of all the drops.
He'll enforce the limit
without him being in it
Did you know he owns the cops?

To the White House he's sure to aspire
Makes even the steel in Congress perspire.
I need a drink
But I didn't think
MS Sodas were my only desire.

Targetting kids through your apple jacks
Get them addicted to hide the facts
That his product is shit
Even to the dim of wit,
But too late it is, fallen is the axe.