Don't Ask, Don't AOL

There was a sailor named Timothy McVeigh
Not the one who said "Bombs Away!"
He wanted a reprieve
And now he's got three
Till Jan. 27 they did delay.

Medals and honors and bars
Almost as many as the stars
An impeccable record
didn't change the absurd
To boot him out, good and far.

An email note to his worker friend
about some toys he said he'd lend
But the lady who got it
didn't think of the spirit
Instead she went off the deep end.

She saw the word "Gay"
was her motive more pay
when she reported
something easily distorted
about Officer Tim Mcveigh?

She said "it's from Tim."
Are you sure it's him?
Pick up the horn
to sharpen the thorn
And get it on a whim?

Mr. Steve Case
surely made haste
to allay the blame
and boldly claim
AOL acted in good taste.

He lost his AOL account
because of the huge amount
of email he sends
to rally his friends.
On fairness he hoped they'd count.

The boss on his left
Took his identity by theft
and led an assault
direct from the vault
To policy their ears went deaf.

21 members of Congress
Strongly condemn the process
by which they obtained
His full legal name
And demand that he stay in service.

AOL now freely admits
to not at all using their wits.
To them it's an "oops"
but don't you be duped
A ship is sinking from their loose lips.