Send in the Clones

There once was a chick named Sharon Stone
She's the one I'd want to clone
That is, if I could control
which way she would roll,
Then she'd be mine to own.

I'd hate to think of duplicates
of all the world's worst dimwits
Like Larry and Curly and Mo
There's also no need for another Ho
until we can imagine the perfect tits.

Who wants another OJ
Michael Jackson or Billy Ray?
They were jokes from God
that got us to nod
but I prefer butter to Parkay.

All the world's women empowered by law
Now have a basis to point out the flaw
Peace could exist without the men
So now we try to encourage the yen
To choose your gender before we fall.

A world of choices given to life
Duck wants a deer, wife wants a wife.
Diversity rules way upon high
but dammit jim, we have to die!
Mother Nature just went on strike.

What if you recently learned
you had inadvertently spurned
480,000 brethren
taking a bath in unison
in a vat of acid to test the burn?

Careful my children when dining out
Someone is lurking just watching your snout.
Don't pick your nose or wipe underneath
Make sure you flush and don't pick your teeth
Or a bunch of youz will end up down south.