Running Mates

July 29, 2000

Vice President Al Gore

Dear Mr. Vice President:

I sincerely believe it would be in your campaign's best interest to consider former Texas governor Ann Richards as your running mate in this year's election.

Consider her accomplishments as governor of Texas and her loyal supporters from that state as a surefire way to mobilize both moderates and liberals in Texas, not to mention the progressive-minded moderates and the feminists throughout the entire country to overwhelmingly help you take back the lead in this year's presidential race.

With Mr. Cheney's lesbian daughter being used as diversity bait for the moderates to fall in behind Bush, the only clear way to represent true diversity in your campaign without "copying" Mr. Bush is by selecting a very popular female political figure such as Ms. Richards for your running mate.

Thank you for your time. I wish you the best of luck.


Chris Coggins
[address omitted]
Macon, GA