What else are they not telling us?

July 7, 2003


While everyone enjoys skewering President Bush and the CIA over the alleged deceptions used to justify our invasion of Iraq, and the removal of critical climate data from the recent EPA report, these are not the only issues to involve a certain leap of our faith to allow the administration to achieve its ends.

Recently-published reports in the conservative Talon news service (gopusa.com) reveal that the cost of government has grown significantly during the Bush Presidency. According to this article, the non-partisan organization Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) held a press conference Friday to mark the annual "Cost of Government Day," which is the actual day when Americans have finally paid their portion of federal, state, and local taxes and fees. It notes further that this year's day is four and a half days later than in 2002.

A traditional goal in your classic conservative agenda is to shrink the size of our government. Excerpted from the article:

"The cost of government has risen over the past three years after eight consecutive years of decreases. The ATR report claims that the increases seen since 2000 have eradicated all of the savings from 1992-2000.

"This report shows government spending is growing at a rapid pace under the Bush administration."

Another article penned by the beloved GOP guru SARTRE acknowledges that our birth rates are dropping, as announced by the CDC recently, and thus is shrinking the pool of future workers that will end up paying the bills on these massive deficits. Higher interest payments distributed among fewer people doesn't take a brain surgeon to see a future of financial catastrophes for both our government and its over-burdened, under-paid funders. Who got the tax cuts again? I think we got soaked instead, and this report confirms it.

These data are being reported in the conservative news outlets. The ruling party KNOWS what the score is. They're growing the government out of control and we're going up the creek without a paddle. This "pass the bill, pass the buck" irresponsible leadership, if you can call it that, has got to stop. It must stop, and the conservatives must agree in order to maintain any credibility with their constituents. After just passing the whopping $368 billion defense spending bill, how can anyone, conservative or not, actually believe these people know the meaning of fiscal responsibility?

Enough is enough. I offer just two words to wake everyone up from this nightmare: Howard Dean.

Chris Coggins
Macon, GA