Investigate Iraq propaganda

June 11, 2003

Dear Sen. Roberts,

What exactly is it that you and the Republican majority in Congress do not want the citizens of this country to know?

Since President Bush has been in office, the GOP has stood firmly in the way of critical inquiries into everything this administration has done, from its hidden corporate relationships and conflicts of interest, its secretive energy policy meetings, the alleged abuse of power and authority to launch an unjustified war, to the most defining moment in this country's modern history: the truth about 9/11.

Not only am I disheartened by the executive privilege of enhanced privacy rules regarding the day to day policy-making conduct of this administration, I am also feeling deeply betrayed by the lack of oversight by Congress.

I urge you to stand on the side of accountability and demand that a full investigation be conducted into the use and/or misuse of intelligence to determine the real threat on Americans over Iraq's weapons capabilities, or lack thereof.

Chris Coggins
Macon, GA