The Embedded Microchip
Individual Privacy Rights
Sent to Senators Zell Miller and Max Cleland, and US Representative Saxby Chambliss on February 27,2002.

February 27, 2002

The Honorable Zell Miller
257 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510

Dear Senator Miller:

Rapid developments in micro technology have finally resulted in the embedded microchip for humans. The companies developing this technology are promoting it with hundreds of reasons why the chip is necessary, all of these reasons seemingly positive and in our best interest. These companies are attempting to allay our fears of any misuse of this technology through promises and pledges, while speculating about the development of future uses of this chip.

Now a company (Applied Digital Solutions in Florida) has announced it will seek FDA approval to offer these chips commercially to humans willing to pay for them. Privacy rights advocates warn of the "creep" of new technologies that could eventually make "use" of these chips after they have already been implanted.

I ask you to draft or endorse legislation that grants the individual ultimate control over the data contained on these chips, including the right to deny the inclusion of certain data, and deny any changes to the original data stored on the chip. I would also recommend that the individual retain all rights to permit or deny other uses of the chip as they develop. It is imperative that the individual retain control over the information being stored on these chips, as well as the control over who accesses the data, and control over each future function of the chip.

Finally and most importantly, the individual's choice in accepting the chip should remain with the individual, and not corporate, industry or government coercion.

Please consider the dangerous ramifications of the negative aspects of such technology, and expiditiously draft or support legislation that will protect the rights of the individual above all others during this rapid evolution of information technology.


Chris Coggins
Macon, GA