12/22/97: Remember "Mickey's Monkey" by the group Mother's Finest? Ok, so I'm listening to "Encomium - A tribute to Led Zeppelin", and track 9 - "Custard Pie" (performed by Helmet with David Yow) has the exact same guitar AND drum lines, and even the vocal rhythm is similar to Mickey's Monkey. This defies logic. Tell you what else just rocks all logic, and that's the current remake of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" that's getting way too much airplay, and it doesn't sound any different than Bonnie Tyler's version back in '84.. so what's it with this new artist reviving it when there was nothing wrong with the old one, they sound exactly alike except for about 10 seconds in the beginning, where a rave beat kicks into the song? Wanna talk about music for a while?

Ok on the turntable sits Encomium first, then James Taylor's Greatest Hits, then Aerosmith - Pump. OH MAN! Kelly brought over some CDs he got in the mail yesterday to share a listen, and there's one of Kenny Loggins' Greatest Hits -- it ROCKS!! You'll recognize EVERY song (except maybe the ones from his latest efforts, which also rock)! And there were accompaniments by all sorts of people, Michael McDonald from the Doobie Brothers, and Amy Grant (and her husband), and even Bobby Eakes on one track (anybody remember her from her days as Miss Georgia, and a runner up in the Miss USA pageant some years ago, and who also stars on daytime's Bold and the Beautiful? Yea well she's from Warner Robins here, don't forget. Too sweet.) There was one song, I forget the title, that sounded really really like Fleetwood Mac's Tusk. You'll know the song when you hear it. Ok the cats' are hungry and won't let me type any more without feeding them first. So I'll be back in few, gotta go get some catfood.

Back now. The CDs went off.. what to listen to? The girl up the road just bought a CD from a lesser-known Lili Haydn, and she claims it sounds ALOT like Tori Amos, with violins. This should be interesting. Man I wish I had that Kenny Loggins CD we listened to last night! Jammin! You guys like Chris DeBurgh? He sang "Lady in Red" back in '86 or '87 I think..that song reminds me soooooo much of Daphne, she really loved that song. We were at the Ball of Osiris in Mobile Alabama over one Valentine's Day some (MANY!) years ago, we rented matching tuxedos and everything. This song takes me there again. A few of the songs on this tape are war songs, I guess he served in Vietnam, or had a brother who died there or something. Another song, "Fatal Hesitation", reminds me of the shit with Rhonda last year, because I always hesitated to feel anything with her, which fits the song..Thank god I hesitated though. What a bitch. Heavy-hitting songs, I love this tape.

Why is it every single time I let the cats in, Curry bolts to the bathroom and up on the toilet seat to play in the water?? I know he's not thirsty because they have fresh water in the kitchen.. Maybe he's just really intrigued by the nifty little well of water we humans take for granted..

You ever heard of the group Ben Folds Five? Neither have I but that's one of the CDs Kelly had last night, and there was this one song they were singing with lyrics like, "you say it's over? then pay me back bitch, and don't forget my black t-shirt either." It was hilarious! The lead vocalist sounds alot like Joe Jackson (remember "stepping out" in the late 70s?) Are any of you familiar with Ani Difranco? She has about 12 albums, has her own record label (Righteous Babe), does most of the work herself, really hard-working chick! Anyway, she's anti-corporate to the max and refuses to sign with a label anywhere (You GO Girlfriend!). She's been woo'd and courted and wined and dined to absolutely no end, but still holds fast to remain independent. She's gained enormous popularity just from word-of-mouth and touring the country, and once you hear her music, you must have it in your collection. Truth and anger and keeeeen insights, and she's what? Only 25 years old or so?? Ok well here's the deal see.. since she's got this huge following across the country, the major congloms want a piece of her. And since they can't have her, it looks like what they've done is gone out and found a copy-cat, someone with the same intensity and sound as her, and to make matters confusing, this imposter's first single release is "32 Flavors", a song many say is Ani's best (and certainly most popular).. so ok when you hear the song "32 Flavors" on the radio, they mention it's some Alana Davis or something girl singing it. Ani Difranco. Alana Davis. A.D. Hmmmm, did Ani sell out and finally go mainstream? Sure as hell sounds like her, though the song has a liltier beat, not as raw... maybe she re-recorded it to reach the pop audience.. hmmm. But when you get the "Alana Davis" CD, you very quickly realize it's NOT Ani Difranco using an alias. It's a copy-cat who jumps to fame on one of Ani's most popular songs. So now everyone who thought it was Ani rushed out and bought the tape or CD of this Alana Davis chick, which isn't a bad listen, but serves the record company to cash in on the mistaken identity, instantly selling thousands of copies of a complete! stranger's works, using Ani's "32 Flavors" as a stepping stone. That really Bites!! What's going to be interesting is to see what Ani does in return.. she makes no bones about lashing out at the corp. execs in her music.. let's see what she puts out in response to this crap! I have news for the imposter's recording label: thanks to you and the discovery of your game, I immediately went to purchase ALL other Ani CDs that I didn't currently own, just to show you I ain't selling out either! Ani's the bomb, man, and if you fuck with her, man I'm stepping out of the way. You stupid bastards! Smells like the shit Microsoft pulls to get market share.

I bought a CD a couple weeks ago kinda by accident, I thought it was a music CD (it was in the correct alphabetical place in the Pop/Rock section) by some lesbian chick I've never heard of. Come to discover it's nothing but talking, about 30 tracks of this and that from this girl's perspective.. raw, rough, harsh, honest, quite humorous, and very insightful for her age (early 20's at best). I have to go get the CD to tell you who is it, it's a difficult name to pronounce, too. Hang on...ok, it's Juliana Luecking and the CD is called "Big Broad".. it's da bomb, man. Lots of humor, listen to track 2 "Fancy your hat", about an English woman questioning some girls about their sexuality, and trying to be suave and accepting about it.. too funny. A handful of the tracks on here don't even mention sexuality, just keen observations.. groovy. My favorite track is #29, "To Be Touched", about a chick named Melei..listen to it.

That's enough for now. 'nite.

..the end..