Peace Action - Missile Stop 2000 Tour

08/02/00: Quote from AP article during Republican Convention: "Bush has vowed to push ahead aggressively with a missile defense program to defend the United States and its allies against a potential but as yet nonexistent threat from countries like Iran, Iraq and North Korea. Russia strongly opposes the program, which would violate a 1972 arms control agreement, and U.S. allies are also unenthusiastic."

My fears do not stem from the risk of a bomb being lobbed across the ocean, but from advancing technologies that will allow a vial of toxins to be casually poured into public reservoirs, computer viruses that will render communications systems useless, a kamikaze suicide mission loaded with fertilizer to penetrate storefronts of populated venues, an injection of nerve gas into public ventilation systems, a genetically engineered poisonous kudzu planted on our farmlands to wipe out our food supply, concrete-consuming bacteria being embedded into construction materials..

I doubt countries like Iran, Iraq, North Korea will put that much effort into a bomb to launch without provocation into Western airspace. When the provocation exists, we are already on alert, and with detection capabilities already functioning we can simply evacuate before it reaches our area. They know this. We know this. So why are we supporting an anti-missile defense system when the risks are much greater on the ground?

Imagine how much damage can be done by disabling all traffic signals in a medium-sized city like Macon with a single computer virus. The entire police force is out directing traffic at every intersection in town while the perpetrators are destroying property, setting fires, planting time bombs in unsecure-but-sensitive areas or kidnapping government officials or who knows what.

I think the Republican platform is outdated. I think our attention needs to be focused more on defense from the new weapons of mass destruction being developed in science and computer labs every day.

..the end..