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08/02/00: I submitted an editorial to the Atlanta Constitution suggesting that Gore's campaign needs to turn left a bit or he'll lose the election, and I included examples of how Bush has broadened his outreach in both directions.

My view was that Bush picked Cheney to renew support from the far-right as Bush continues to ride the centrist position, and is capitalizing on the diversity within his campaign (Cheney's daughter, avowed lesbian Mary Cheney) to cyphon off votes from the left.

I suggested that Gore needs to consider a female running mate, and named former Texas Gov. Ann Richards as an option, to convince more liberal voters the Democratic party does stand behind its own principles.

The Atlanta Constitution cut the entire paragraph in my letter regarding diversity and progressive votes, I suspect because it mentions Mary Cheney the lesbian by name.

I am fuming that it was cut because the meaning of my letter was radically altered to appear to be only concerned with the financial strength of Bush's campaign. Nowhere now does my letter indicate concerns about the status quo position Gore seems to be taking. But what can I do? Sending a followup letter complaining about the censorship hones in on the lesbian content and makes it appear I am only concerned with that aspect of it.

I am extremely disappointed that Gore has not even CONSIDERED a woman for the role of VP. I am likewise extremely concerned that this lack of progressive liberalism will spin off too many liberal votes to Nader, while Republicans unanimously vote for Bush. Splitting our votes between Gore and Nader puts Bush in office no matter what we do. I suggest Gore had better show some signs of being a true Democrat and give the liberals a reason to vote for him or else Bush will win this election.

Cheney is his job security too, because the conservatives WANT Cheney, and they'll ride out 8 years of Bush just to get a *real* conservative in office. Imagine how much ground we'll lose during their reign... real ground, as in unpolluted earth space. And our progressive accomplishments.

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