we live here, we love here

03/22/01 - Let's Rock n Roll! This town is about to be rocked, cuz we are here, we are queer, and we WILL not be censored! HELL YEA! Something just short of an episode of civil disobedience is swarming under the surface and I have never felt better about this community than now, to see her righteous collective reaction to having been CENSORED from the media coverage of this town's whooptedoo parade of national acclaim, The Cherry Blossom Parade! Get'em brothers and sisters!

Incredible. For the first time this community had an organized representation in the whootedoo parade. We made history this week. But more than that, our beautiful indigenous queers got up, put on the label, and PROUDLY, FEARLESSLY walked through a crowd of THOUSANDS lining those downtown sidewalks. The overused word of the day was EMPOWERING, sweetest word you ever heard.

But it didn't stop there, oh no. The local tape-delayed broadcast of the parade excluded our group completely. Oh no, no, no. We won't be ignored, shoved back into a closet, hidden OR censored, because we are a thriving community in this town and YOU have just pissed us off at the wrong fucking time, immediately coming off such enourmous energy created by our historic participation in this parade.

And it still doesn't stop there. So you chose not to turn the cameras OFF as we passed by. Lemme hear your reasons for that.....

YOU'RE fatal mistake was turning the phones over to a loose cannon, and there is no escape from our community. You're about to see just how big we are. What was that? a Backpedal you don't say? Can you say it alittle louder so we all can hear it?

Can I share some not-so-quiet pride here? Not only am I taking a position right alongside my archrivals to form the most solid, unified front ever to respond to this, but to hear these same people lift up my newspaper and hold it as a powerful threat over the heads of those responsible for this diss on our family, brought me to the tears of victory.

Stay tuned. Or better yet, stand with us.

..the end..