Look! A balloon!

Note: The previous 20 months of my life did not exist, all entries and references made to events during this time were mere moments of fantasy that proved to be false. Entries deleted. Resuming life as it was prior to said period.

03/17/00: Yea yea yea, so it's Cherry Blossom time. Big deal huh? So why the hell the pink table over there?? {shrug} 'cause I felt like it? And today *like, wow* is St. Pat's Day!! Big Whoop!! That would explain this refreshing green text.

There is a parade this weekend in Savannah -- and not just any parade, mind you, but a WHOPPER of a parade - supposedly one of the largest whooptydoos in the country. *idea* Why don't I go check it out, see what they got that's new and different that we could apply here for our parade in June? *GOOD Idea*

Ugh they predict over a quarter of a million people at this GREEN RIVER event -- yea, they dye the river GREEN every year. Can you imagine?? Maybe everybody will get so hot and sweaty watching the parade and go fer a dip in the ol' slimebucket. I emailed the Savannah On-Line webmaster for advice on parking, like they'd announce on the websites how utterly futile that parking will be. I wonder if they'll let me drive my truck in the parade?. That's sensible. Right?

My skinny faggot high school friend Scott and I vacationed on River Street back oh sometime in the early 80s. He's the one that always chanted "Visa takes care of me." - credit glutton. We ate this one night right on River Street (which is a really cool riverfront merchant strip) at a place called The Boar's Head. I don't know if it's still there, but that was my first and last experience with escargots - slimy snails, don't you know. Funny, the snails were pretty cool but I had an allergic reaction to the salad and had to hobble back to the room three blocks up for my inhaler. Scott was freakin!

I don't remember much else about the trip, we were only there for a couple of days. But I DO remember how ugly the beach was. I had expected the standard normal sandy beaches like you see in Florida, but nooooooooooo! This not only looked like a toxic waste dump but it REEKED! Maybe that's what's wrong with me today, inhaling too many of those fumes melted my brain tissue and caused these fawnky tearing sounds in my head! I haven't really had much of a problem up until lately - last night while I was eating my chicken dinner (MEAT! YES!) this popping tearing sound over my left ear all of a sudden came out of nowhere. No matter what I did, rip pop bump pop rip. Anyway (LOL) it was the noxious fumes at Tybee Island in 1983.

It's weird too, earlier tonight I was chatting with Peter and out of the blue this bulbous swelling feeling filled up my ear and the next thing I know I'm swoonin' dizzy and feeling like my nose is drowning. I stumbled into the bathroom and stabilized myself on the sink, and tried to blow my nose but there was nothing. Nothing. Then my ear felt like it popped, you know like when you get water in your ear from swimming and it finally clears, except I didn't hear anything with this. I just felt it. WEIRD

I'm o.k. now I think, but this damn pollen-hayfever crap has worn out its welcome! Ahem!

This is progress right? You betcha! I even apologized! *GASP*

No I'm not sick. Guilt, maybe? But I stil(((((( It's over, Coggins! Move on! Do Karaoke!

Later :)

..the end..