Barefoot and

Accomplishments include the development, management and operation of a construction consulting company whose objectives were to provide critical field analyses and graphical translation documents derived from project specifications and manufacturer submittal data. Over the course of the company's history, manual production procedures were successfully merged with computerized automation processes, increasing employee output by as much as 400%. Administrative tasks included training and supervision of up to 5 employees, coordinating individual project requirements with field, management and engineering personnel, and scheduling work assignments to accommodate the demands of up to 12 different commercial construction projects simultaneously.

I have also owned and operated a startup company in the telecommunications industry, which involved strategic planning and development of computerized networking resources, both inhouse and outsourced, to accommodate exponential user growth over a five-year period.

Additionally, I have created a successful, independent non-profit corporation focused on community development projects for displaced or underserved members of the local community. Significant to its success was my ability to identify problem areas and devise both short term and long term strategies to address these issues. I have also written grants to secure funding and other resources for the organization to accomplish its goals. Responsibilities as president of this organization include critical opportunity identification and assessment, cost-benefit analyses, and developing longterm symbiotic relationships between the collective community and individuals, public facilities and private enterprise.