Dream Sequence 12

Only a beginning

The day after, as we sat eating pancakes and spending our last day at Burning Man, the scribes compared notes about their experiences. For me, it was the culmination of five months of intense shooting, and I would be going home to a total of about 50 hours of tape to log in preparation for editing. I knew I had something, but telling this story would take almost a year and a half. I'm told that's not very long for postproduction on a feature-length documentary. It is a chunk of life I willingly gave. The editing of the Eye of Rudra is a story in and of itself.

My personal rewards have been enormous, even though documentaries rarely are financially rewarded. Speaking of money, you should know that my costs totaled only a few thousand dollars for the entire production, much of it for tape, as I already had a lot of the gear. I'm not sure how I would have done things any differently if I had a substantial budget. This kind of work, I firmly believe, is best done as a labor of love.

We few, who make bright sparks that blow away on the night wind, should feel lucky.

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