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Meanie NC (07/23/02) Ever seen a Bell south fiber optic coming down a phone pole? It has a metal protector about half way up the cable. Did you know that if you smash it with a hammer, it will take them days to fix it. ;)

Tara Miami FL (07/21/02) Yes, BellSouth totally sucks. It is majorily frustrating trying to figure out when and how to pay the bill. There's no help and/or support and I'm desperately searching for an alternatives. Please keep me posted on curent local competition. I can't believe there isn't any. We're considering using our cell phones only.

Mike Ridgeland MS (06/19/02) Bell south has screw me over, charging me local charges, for incoming calls. I don't have a long distance provider, and am charged some phoney charges for that as well.

Eugene Finkelsteyn Louisville KY (06/17/02) For the last six months they overcharged me more than $300. Attempts to contact them take over 30 minutes per try and I allways hear different stories as of why they charge me for something I've never ordered or received. And I can't find an alternative provider in my area. This should stop!

emeril nathanson Collierville (04/25/02) As an employee of Bellsouth, let me tell you, the company does not care about customer service-that is a second, possibly third priority to the corporation. The main goal is to sell the customer something, anything, rather than focus on the customer complaint, we are supposed to sell, sell, sell-and if we do not, we are written up, threatened with suspension and termination. That is why so many customers have services on their lines they have not asked for-that is why customers call us back repeatedly about the same request- the Bellsouth representative is too busy trying to sell something to the customer instead of assisting the customer with their initial request- and we have to transfer the customer to different "departments" to assist them with different requests on the same account they are calling about because the service rep that did everything for you(explain bill, remove services, add services, suspend service, disconnect service) now must send the customer to different people sometimes in the sa

Tammy Greenville SC (04/25/02) I work for this joke of a company and agree with all of you. none of the departments are on the same accord. I work in customer service, when there is an issue I cannot handle if you ask a manager they are too lazy to handle it. If you call a different department you get the exact same treatment that you guys are complaining about. All Bellsouth is about is the money. If you are a service rep and you don't swindle the customers into buying products or services they don't need you will be fired for failure to promote the products and services. I guess at one point in the past the name Bellsouth stood for something. Now all I can think of is uncaring, money-hungry, pigs. Competition is kicking Bellsouth's butt, so I think that if a focus on true CUSTOMER SERVICE would please us all. I'm only one of millions of employees, but if things don't change this one will be gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TDM Mirimar FL (04/14/02) I have switch to another local phone company and saving half the price on my phone bill with no surpises at the end of the month as a lot of my friends. Now they are getting letter in the mail stating if the other cheaper phone carrier does not raise their prices they will cut off their DSL...

Penny Cothron Columbia TN (04/08/02) Bellsouth use to give notice before disconnecting your service. They no longer do so and then charge a $28 fee to reconnect your service. Upon calling customer service they tell me they are not required to do so and only did so before as a service to their customers. I guess their customers no longer deserve that courtesy.

J C Orlando FL (04/04/02) I also HATE BELL SOUTH with a passion. If anyone knows of any alternatives to their b.s. monopoly,in Orlando, please e-mail me. Unfortunately this is just the beginning of corporate globalization and the end of "freedom". Wal mart,aol-time warner, bellsouth, A.B.C.(which is owned by disney) and the like are slowly stealing our souls. Show your support and do not support these heartless corporate pigs!!!


Jerlean Shannon Jackson MS (02/27/02) I'm a very busy single parent. It shouldn't be necessary to monitor your phone bill every month from bellsouth. For the pass two days, I've called bellsouth and they removed unncessary charges. This is unnecessary and should be stopped. These are not optional charges. I can amagine how much money I have lost over the 13 years of service with Bellsouth. Thank You for listening.

D. Miller Kodak (02/12/02) I have had a billing issue with BellSouth and AT&T since last April(2001). I have been placed on hold with both company for hours at a time, repeatedly. I have sent letters monthly. Finally, AT & T wrote and asked me to send them a copy of all my bills - by certified mail. I did so. Their response was to call my local provider! It is now Feb. 2002 and I still have not received the credit due on the disputed billing in April. In additon, my service is poor - and one of their own techs told us that the equipment was outdated and they would only put band-aids on the problem. When I threatened to contact FCC, I got some response and have not had as much problem with my local service. I have also been slammed by AT & T and cannot get credit on those charges for long distance even though I have proof of discontinuing my AT&T service last April. Am I fed up with these big companies? You bet I am. I hope they are all put out of business!

James Ramsey Pigeon Forge (02/12/02) Bell South has too many extra charges i.e. Connectivity Charges, various 'taxes', etc. They should not be allowed to get away with it. In addition, they have VERY poor service and outdated equipment. had numerous problems with the system.

Peter Myers Jackson MO (02/06/02) Incompetent tech people who speak technobabble. No idea of plain English. You get left hanging on the phone for 15-20 minutes while the geek goes to ask his/her supervisor what to try next. Eventually the line goes dead or you reach a dead end. "The trouble is you need a new modem. We'll have to mail it." "Can you Fedex it? We'll pay the shipping." "No, we're not allowed. You'll have it in 7-10 days." You call back in 10 days to see where it is and nobody's ever heard of you. They don't even have a record of your problem. So you start over with someone else. Our vice-president has been off line for more than a month. Yesterday I called the local President's office and there is a tech guy sitting in the veep's office right now. He was 1-1/2 hours earlier than the window frame they'd given us. He has B.O. He's fininshing up now after 2-1/2 hours.

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