There is nothing more serious than asking others to go and die for you or to protect you. That is why the American people revere their firefighters, police and soldiers, especially after 9-11, when so many ordinary Americans showed us what real heroes were. Goodness runs deep in the soul of a free people and we will never forget those who died and those who were willing to die to help others.

America has had to do some serious thinking since that day. We want to feel safe and protect ourselves and we would have given our president our support to do almost anything after 9-11. Unfortunately for the people, we had an administration with no honor. They used that day as the reason to advance assaults on our civil liberties, environment, and the economic hopes of ordinary working Americans... like firefighters, police and soldiers.

This administration with no honor took our deep desires to stand together and protect ourselves to even worse places. Rather than seize the moment to stand up for justice and a civilized and safe world, they seized the moment for their own power and economic self-interests. They came out with this terrible Bush Doctrine of Pre-emptive War. If every country subscribed to that, any war could strike out at any time to prevent a country from being a threat sometime somehow. China could invade Taiwan and claim they were in the right, North Korea could lob an atomic weapon over Japan, Russia could invade Chechnya... and all could claim they were only following the example set by the one nation we count on to be the light of liberty and democracy in the world. If we don't stand up for what's right, what is America all about?

This evil doctrine was not enough for this administration. The W. Bush administration is the first in American history to want a war... the first to start a war. What American president has ever lusted to start a war? We settle wars, we make the world better, we stand for something, we don't tear the world apart and bomb children for nothing. We fight for what's right, that's who we are as Americans! But W's administration was determined to rush us to war no matter what the real cause or what goals it could actually accomplish. Damn the millions of people crying "Stop!" all over the world. Damn the churches pleading, please talk to us and let Jesus change your mind as well as your heart. Damn anyone who said it was wrong and questioned why now? Why so fast? What are we trying to accomplish? Is there a better way to accomplish it? What do we accomplish by bombing children?

Damn everyone anyway, said the W administration, start bombing and make it happen and by then it will be too late to stop it. The administration was willing to do anything, willing to look America in the eye, willing to ask us to send our young people and our old reservists and ask them to go into danger and death, to bomb civilians, to go into a scenario with no logical exit strategy.

They were not even willing to ask us to do this honestly. This administration conned us. Look, we all know Hussein to be a great evil. Maybe he was less of a threat under sanctions than he is now as an unknown, underground somewhere with billions, with his own Al-Qaeda-like cell network to start up out of sight, rather than in the light of UN scrutiny and containment. Are we safer? Have the Iraqi people who suffered under Hussein's torture state stopped being afraid of him?

If the case was to remove an oppressive dictator from power, why not say so? Ask people to die and kill for the real reason. The US set up the dictator and armed him and we will go remove him. The administration might have even found UN members and other countries willing to help. The international community would have had the troop numbers and expertise to safeguard Iraqi society so that a new civil infrastructure could be in place. Perhaps Arab countries could have participated and stabilized the society for their Iraqi neighbors, to save their pride and create a safer situation. Why not tell the truth and go do the job like the leader of the free world? By all appearances, the real agenda was sole American control of the Iraqi oil fields. That's the only part of Iraqi society our military tried to protect. Even now, Iraqis are unemployed, without power, water, safety to go out of the house. This administration tells outrageous lies today; that American cities are just like that, no safer than an Iraqi city. That's a lie to make the American people hold their heads up. Thanks a lot, Rumsfeld.

Thats why an international force was not welcomed; the Iraqi people for whom we liberated the oil might have chosen other governments, other companies to sell their oil. Can't have that. Although its a little tough to reap the profits from oil fields surrounded by devastation, chaos, a broke, repressed and increasingly hostile populace... with guns and shoulder rockets.

They never gave us a chance to participate based on the truth. Do they think we have no memories? We had to rush to war so we could go in and out before the summer heat that our troops are now sweltering in, encased in body armor in 120 degree heat! How many troops have come home since "Mission Accomplished"? Not many. How many troops have come home in body bags since "Mission Accomplished"? Too many. They never gave the parents a chance to send off their young soldiers to risk injury, horror and death based on the basic right of signing on for a cause you believe is right. Actually, they sent their children off based on a lie. What could hurt a parent more? This administration took our best qualities, our belief in and loyalty as Americans, and told any lie they thought would serve the purpose of beating the war drum.

The absolute evil of this is beyond comprehension. How could they be Americans responsible for this, let alone leaders in a position of power? Why is the exCEO of Halliburton, which is enjoying an ever more profitable, no bid, no ceiling contract to rebuild a country... why is that CEO one of the players who could decide it was right to destroy that country in the first place? Could a worse, more cynical war crime even be imagined? This CEO still gets paid by that company.

All these lies will unravel and all these lies will be exposed to the light of day. That's because you sent our kids over there to go kill their kids. And some of our kids or people's dads or moms are dying as a result. You never ask us to do that without a damn good reason. We have put up with a lot from this administration but the American people will be damned if they value the lives of their children and their fellow Americans so lightly as to play along with the big lies any more.

The lies are going to stop. They stop now. The American people will pay the price for your mess and the American people will clean it up but by God the lies are going to stop. You have no lies left that will cover up the blood.

Posted by Sharon in NM at July 10, 2003 11:40 PM

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